Differentiation 2.0

30 Nov

[here’s one that’s been on the back burner for a few weeks…]

Recently, coworker Cory Willey and I presented a workshop at Seoul International School on using technology and differentiation titled “Differentiation 2.0” Our goal was to highlight some current web 2.0 tools that work well with various strategies for differentiation. We organized the session around some of Carolyn Coil’s ideas on differentiation. Carolyn Coil recently came to our school for a weekend workshop and shared some great ideas and strategies (See here for a previous post live from the workshop…).

(You can check out the website here)

We organized it around the four areas of differentiation and featured a tool well suited for each area:

  • Content – Delicious and Social Bookmarking in the classroom
  • Process – Webspiration
  • Product – Prezi
  • Environment – Google Apps

Some reflection on the session:

  • 50 minutes was too short! We just scratched the surface and it would have been great to have more work time and more discussion
  • The website was great. Weebly once again has demonstrated its ease as a web design tool.
  • The MS/HS combo of presenters seemed to work well, being able to offer something different for different teachers (yay differentiation!)
  • Prezi and webspiration were enthusiastically received and teachers seemed to pick them both up quickly
  • Differentiating for teachers may be even harder than with students…Admin, librarians, ES, MS, HS, tech staff, what a diverse group!
  • No one seems to have utilized our idea for the sharing space on the website. Wonder how many times the site has been visited after the session? Wonder how to bring people back…

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