Benjaminus PaulsonusSCIENTIFIC NAME: Benjaminus paulsonus



Ben, Benjamin, or Benjaminus paulsonus, is a bipedal primate in the family Hominidae. DNA evidence indicates that Ben originated 26.6 years ago. Ben has a highly developed cerebral cortex, capable of abstract thought, language, scientific reasoning, and every once in a while humor. This mental capability, combined with an erect body carriage and opposable thumbs, has led to many attempts to use various web 2.0 tools in education. Ben has inhabited various locations on Earth including Madison, WI; Yangon, Myanmar; and at present Seoul, South Korea. The human population of Ben on Earth is exactly equal to one as of 21 July 2010.

Like most primates, Ben is social by nature. He strives to utilize systems of communication for self-expression, exchanging of ideas, and organization. Ben belongs to complex social structures composed of many cooperating and competing groups of various sizes, from the classroom to Twitter. Social interactions between Ben and his colleagues have established an extremely wide variety of ideas, projects, opinions, resources, and a healthy dose of tomfoolery, which together form the basis of his personal learning network. Ben has a marked appreciation for the workings of the natural world that rivals his fondness of the unnatural classroom world, which, combined with the desire for self-expression, has led to innovations such as this here blog.

Ben seeks to understand and influence the world around him through the application of scientific thought (mostly) and sarcasm (always) to his everyday life as a teacher. Years of science education, playing outside, and watching countless NOVA programs has led to the accumulation of random facts and occasionally interesting ideas which are happily shared with students and anyone else who will listen or take the time to read this blog.

(check out for more (true) information on all sorts of species!)


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